Homework Suggestions

Word Power
Find 6  ‘action’  words in the story.
Find words in the story that suggest sounds, e.g. squeak, snap
Choose eight words from the story that have opposites (antonyms)
Find words that mean the same as ‘said’. List them in alphabetical order.
Make a list of new, unusual or interesting words or expressions.
Find 6 words that are important to this story. List the words.
Find 6 compound words in the story. List them and divide them into two little words e.g.  Tea-cup
Select and list at least 5 words that are unfamiliar to you. Using clues from the story write down the meaning you think is correct.
Find at least 6 rhyming words and list them   e.g.  say, day
Find 10 contractions in the story. List them and beside each write the long form of the word e.g. don’t   - do not
List 5 words that describe the main character
Find 6 words that describe emotions one character felt in the story e.g. grumpy, elated
Find five sentences in the book which made you know that the main character was happy. List these sentences.
Find 3 or 4 statements in the book which used animal or colour words to describe a person or thing.   Write them, e.g. Cindy felt terribly blue. Tony was sly as a fox
From one chapter in the book, list as many words as you can which describe how one of the main characters felt during this chapter.
Rewrite 3 to 5 sentences from the book. Use different words and phrases which give the same meaning.
Select  10 words you came across in the reading. Use them in new sentences.
Make a glossary for your book. Fine 10 difficult words. List and define these.
Make a list of interesting words which were used in the book.
Find 2 things in your book you can see, hear, taste, smell, or touch
Find 10 words from your book that mean more than  (plurals). Now make these words only one (singular)
Find 20 words that are names of people, places and things. Beside each word write a pronoun     (e.g. he, she, they, it)  you could use instead.
Find the words in your book that contain silent letters. Circle the silent letters in your list.
Find 3 words with one syllable each; two syllables each; three syllables each.
Pick out 10 words whose meanings you didn’t know or that were difficult to spell. Use these words in sentences.
Choose a paragraph in your book that you liked very much. Write down the page on which it is found. Now write this paragraph in your own words.
List all the characters or places in your book. Now place them in alphabetical order.
Creative Activities
Create a poster advertising your book
Make a picture of your favourite part of the story
Design your own book jacket for this book.
Assemble and hang a mobile using a wire clothes hanger. Pictures and drawings of the characters of stories may be hung from these
Make sketches of some of the action scenes of the story.
Write a letter to the author giving your opinion of the book.
Design a ‘WANTED’   poster for a nasty character in the book.
Create a book-bag from a paper bag and scraps illustrating your book.
Create a bookmark for a friend illustrating a book you think he or she may like to read.
Create a graph showing the number of people who have read this book and liked it and those who did not like it.
Design a bumper sticker to advertise this book.
Make a circle that shows the four main events in your story from beginning to end.
Wirte an interview between you and the author or between you and a character in the book.
You are the manager of a postcard company. Make coloured postcards of the settings in your book. Use particularly vivid words which were used in the book to help you sell people on visiting the area.
You are the manager of a postcard company. Make coloured postcards of the settings in your book which you think will sell well.
You are the main character in the book. Make a shopping list of the things you may buy at the stores.
Draw 2 pictures. Show the differences between where you live and where the main character lived.
Would you give this book any special award? Explain your answer in writing and make the award from construction paper.
You are the author of the book. The publisher wants you to write a sequel  to this book. Tell the class what your next book might be about.
Tell the class why you like or dislike the illustrations in the book. Show the pictures as you do this.
Write 5 newscasts for radio which will inform your classmates of newsworthy events found in your book.  
Make up a new character for the book.
Write a new, imaginary part that could fit into the book. You may choose to read it to the class and tell where the part fits in.
You are the main character in your book. A witch gives you three wishes which will come true. What would these wishes be and how would they change the book?
Make a crossword puzzle. Select 10 to 20 words from your book. Use graph paper and glue it to one side of a sheet of art paper. Beside it, write the ‘across’ and ‘down’ clues. An answer key should be glued to the back of the paper. You may want help from a friend.
Locate five sentences in the book that you feel are given as facts. Write these down (with the page numbers). Next, find and write five sentences written as facts but which you feel are only opinion.