Aidhmeanna / Aims


Growing Together


We believe our school should be a place:

  • Where children enjoy their schooling.
  • Where there is an atmosphere of happiness, security and confidence in adults.
  • Where a holistic rather than a didactic approach to education is taken.
  • Where children will think clearly, creatively and critically and be encouraged to act independently.
  • Where children are relaxed, and confident in their relationships with materials, ideas and people.
  • Where concern is given to their full personal development as well as their acedemic achievements.

We expect all children to work hard and to give of their best at all times and only be satisfied with their very best.

We aim to see that all children possess:

  • The ability to use the English and Irish languages effectively and imaginatively in reading, writing and speech.
  • The ability to apply themselves to tasks and to develop lively enquiring minds.
  • The ability to foster a desire for knowledge, which will motivate them to apply themselves to worthwhile activities.

We seek to encourage regard for religious and moral values and a respect for the beliefs and values held by others. 
We would also state that our school is not affiliated to any Policital Party.

We strive to develop the creative and imaginative capacities of all children.

We believe all children are important and unique individuals who must be helped and encouraged to explore, to think and to learn in their own way, at their own speed.

Finally, and equally as important as academic success, is the attitude of the children. We hope that when they leave Gaelscoil na gCeithre Maistri they would:

  • Welcome the opportunity to make new friends.
  • Enjoy learning and be prepared to tackle further types of education.
  • Have concern and respect for the welfare of others and for the rules, which govern the community.
  • Be a credit to their school, their friends and their parents, value and respect their own language and culture and that of others.




Gur cheart don scoil bheith mar:


  • áit taitneamhach agus sláintiúil a bhfuil muinín ag gach páiste aisti
  • áit ina mbeidh spioraid an bheatha iomlán á chothú inti in ionad béim ró-throm ar scolaíocht
  • áit ina ligtear don pháiste a smaointe f'éin a chruthú go soiléir agus go criticiúil agus saoirse a shlí féin a leanúint
  • áit ina mbeidh forbairt iomlán an pháiste mar aidhm chomh maith le cothú intinne.

Tá súil againn:

  • go ndéanfaidh gach dalta a dhícheall,
  • go mbeidh cumas léitheoireachta, scríbhneoireachta agus cainte i nGaelige agus i    mBéarla ag gach dalta
  • go mbeidh suim san léinn agus in imeachtaí an tsaoil ag gach páiste
  • Tá aidhm againn:
  • go mbeidh meas ag na páistí ar Chreideamh agus ar Mhoráltacht.
  • go mbeidh forbairt ar shamhlaíocht, intinn, phearsantacht agus féin-mhuinín gach páiste.

Mar thoradh ar obair na scoile tá súil againn:

  • go mbeidh na daltaí in ann cairde nua a dhéanamh
  • slíte nua oideachais a leanúint
  • go mbeidh meas acu ar dhaoine eile agus ar leas an phobail i gcoitinne.